Salome - CULTURE COLLECTIVE STUDIO - A Professional English Language Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand

SALOMÈ, the famous biblical tale of the death of John the Baptist, has been told many times in the forms of drama, opera and dance. This is the story of the princess whose seductive dance convinced the king to grant her request to have the prophet’s head on a silver platter.

Fueled by lust, Salomè is rejected by the prophet.  Determined to kiss his lips, she eventually has her way.

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Costumes & Make Up Design:
Sabrina Nudrat, Sharada Moti and Nikki Kanika

Sound & Lighting Design:
Thanatchporn Naksing and Kittibed Thonsuk

Set Design:
MJ Johnson, Kate Margaries and Moses Garcila

Adaptation, Music & Direction:
Loni Berry


Pope Bustos

as First Soldier

Agustin Gimenez

as Second Soldier

Kevin Hamilton

as Jokanaan

Chad Johnson

as Naraboth

Narakin Khamvilas

as Page

Cherene Knop

as Sadducee

Kate Margaries

as Herodias

Thijs Niemantsverdriet

as Tigellinus

Akwèse Nkemontoh

as Queen of Syria

Sumit Quantam

as Cappadocian

Mariela Reginio

as Songbird

Nawin Smith

as Pharasee

Alok Tiwari

as Herod

Lidiya Zhuravloyova

as Salomè