Oscar Wilde’s Salomè was an exotic production that included song and dance as well as body paint and masks, with cast of 14 actors.

Salomè, the famous biblical tale of the death of John the Baptist, has been told many times in the forms of drama, opera and dance. This is the story of the princess whose seductive dance convinced the king to grant her request to have the prophet’s head on a silver platter.

Cast:  Pope Bustos, Ella Garcila, Samit Gautam, Agustin Gimenez, Kevin Hamilton, Narakin Khamvilas, Cherene Knop, Akwese Nkemontoh, Kate Rmt, Nawin Smith, Matt Tice, Alok Tiwari, David Z, Lidiya Zhuravlyova

Costume and Make-up Design:  Sabrina Alim

Set Design:

Lighting Design:  Narakin Khamvilas

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Duncan Allen

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