Rabbit Hole

Culture Collective produced David Lindsay-Abaire’s Rabbit Hole. This contemporary play featured a family coping with the accidental death of a toddler. Directed by Loni Berry.

How do you find hope in the hopeless? How do you find the possible in the impossible? How do you cope with losing a 4-year old child?

RABBIT HOLE, a Pulitzer Prize-winning play and film by David Lindsay-Abaire, takes you into the world of a family fighting their way out of despair.

Just eight months ago, a husband and wife were content with having all of their dreams come true. Now, they face the challenge of coping with each other and themselves after a car, driven by a teenager, kills their young son.

This takes the family into in a web of unspoken rage, entangled in guilt and grief, with no roadmap out. The wife’s mother and sister add to the ongoing conflicts. However, in the midst of the pain, there are many comedic moments.

Cast: Cherene Knop, Alok Tiwari, Charlie Tofte, Imogen Lees, and Peace Pitchayut.

Lighting Design:  Narakin Khamvilas

Scenic & Costume Design:   Sarinya Olsson

Technical Design:  Moses Garcila

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