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About the production

Suwida Boonyatistarn

Miss Myanmar

Apinporn Chaiwanichsiri

Miss Singapore

Panida Kraiwitchaicharoen

Miss Thailand

Herbert Lee Janssen


Kelly B. Jones

Miss America

Sarinya Olsson

Miss Vietnam

  • Peko Satboonsarng
    It's very rare to come across an original play about the ASEAN Community, feminism in Southeast Asia, America's historical role in the region, all packaged into biting witticism.  Hits very close to home. Hats off to the playwright, the cast, and artistic direction. This sort of creativity is just what we need.
    Peko Satboonsarng
  • James Tang
    The Death of Miss America was a fun, wacky experience that showcased great performances by up-and-coming Bangkok actors. This marks a great beginning to what will hopefully be a revolution in the live theater culture of Thailand.
    James Tang
  • Sally Goldin
    Well done! A funny and thought-provoking play.
    Sally Goldin
  • Catherine Woodworth
    What a hilarious cast! They represent the stereotypes well. A good laugh and an even better message.
    Catherine Woodworth
  • Tavich Changkamanon
    Very cleverly-written satire and great entertainment. …two thumbs up.
    Tavich Changkamanon
  • Ittipol Radsameepaitoon
    I laughed so hard I was in tears.
    Ittipol Radsameepaitoon
  • Alex Sypsomos
    It challenged me, but in a good way.  I was surprised by the cast and the quality.
    Alex Sypsomos
  • Robert Clyne
    Finally a place in Bangkok to enjoy American style theatre. Looking forward to more from Culture Collective.
    Robert Clyne
  • Danai Chandrangam
    I really enjoyed The Death of Miss America.   ...jam-packed with pure entertainment and a real wake up at the end.
    Danai Chandrangam

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