Miss Julie

Berry turned Strindberg’s Miss Julie on its ear by setting the play in present-day Bangkok with an all-Indian cast and an original music score, where Miss Julie was Hindi/Brahman, Jean was Moslem/ Rohingya, and Christine was Christian.

MISS JULIE, a classic by August Strindberg, tells of a wealthy young woman who has an affair with her servant. The compelling story and complicated characters have led this play to thousands of productions, in many languages. Our production is set in Bangkok with all Indian actors. Strindberg calls Julie a “man-hating half woman,” who cannot find a place for herself in either gender role. So, the question is: What roles do class and gender play in the lives of women in 2017? Thought-provoking and exciting.

Cast:  Vineet Kumar, Aarti Kapur, Nawin Smith, Prashanthi Subramaniam, and Alok Tiwari.

Lighting Design:  Thammanoon Jeerasottikule

Scenic Design:  Thunnapat Phremsirivaracot

Technical Director:  Phalatt Sangkhakorn

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Aarti Kapoor

as Julie

Vineet Kumar

as Jean

Prashanthi Subramaniam

as Christine