Miss Julie

Miss Julie by Culture Collective Studio

Miss Julie, a world classic by August Strindberg, tells of a wealthy young woman, Julie (played by AARTI KAPOOR) who has an affair with her servant Jean (played by VINEET KUMAR).  The complication arises when Jean’s fiancée Christine (played by PRASHANTHI SUBRAMANIAM) and two other workers (played by NAWIN SMITH and ALOK TIWARI) discover the affair.

The compelling story and complex characters have led to thousands of productions, in many languages.  Strindberg calls Julie a “man-hating half woman,” who cannot find a place for herself in either gender role.  This production investigates the restrictions of Indian culture on Indians in Thailand.

This adaptation is a culture-specific entry into the challenges we all face – both men and women – in our individual and collective perspectives.  “The more specific you are, the more general it’ll be.”

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Lighting Design:
Thammanoon Jeerasottikule

Scenic Design:
Thunnapat Phremsirivaracot

Technical Director:
Phalatt Sangkhakorn

Adaptation, Music & Direction:
Loni Berry


Aarti Kapoor

as Miss Julie

Vineet Kumar

as Jean

Nawin Smith

as Worker #1

Prashanthi Subramaniam

as Christine

Alok Tiwari

as Worker #2