Culture Collective Studio presents

The Picture of
Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde
directed by Loni Berry


About the production

O ver the past 100 years, Oscar Wilde’s classic novel has been adapted to both the screen and stage. The compelling story will probably never lose its appeal because it addresses our wish for immortality and beauty.

The very handsome young Dorian Gray has his portrait painted, and the beauty of the painting urges Dorian to wish to remain just that way forever, and that the painting would age. Much to his ultimate chagrin, Dorian’s wish is granted.

Director LONI BERRY has set this story in a Bangkok cabaret in the 1940s & 50s, and features jazz standards crooned by American singer KEITHEN CARTER. Dorian Gray, played by DUNCAN ALLEN, a South African actor, begins the story as a naïve, well-intentioned young man. However, he is influenced by Lord Henry, played by Swiss actor PHIL BLAZE, to take advantage of everything his youth and beauty will bring; to yield to his every temptation. And Dorian does just that.

The painter, Basil Hallward, played by Luthuanian actor MATAS DANIELEVICIUS, takes a special interest in Dorian, and encourages Dorian’s love interest in his niece, Grace Devereux, played by Thai actress METAL SUKKHAO. Along the way, Dorian claims several victims, including Sibyl Vane, played by Thai actress PAGE PLOY, and Allen Campbell, played by French actor CLEMENT PHANAVANH.

This romantic tragedy pulls hard at our heartstrings. We are forced to accept the normal progression of life and aging. But how many of us would turn down the opportunity to be young and beautiful forever?

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Duncan Allen

as Dorian Gray

Phil Blaze

as Lord Henry Wotton

Keithen Carter

as Narrator

Matas Danielevicius

as Basil Hallward

Clement Phanavanh

as James Vane, David Stone and Allen Campbell

Page Ploy

as Sybil Vane and Lady Penny

Metal Sukkhao

as Grace Devereux