Photo by Suphasit Tanprasertsupa

About the production

T his intense courtroom drama was first produced for television in 1954. The 1957 film gained critical acclaim and is now considered a classic. A jury of twelve men are locked in a room and deliberate the guilt or innocence of a young boy accused of murdering his father. As the men struggle to reach a unanimous decision, the psychological motivations of each man are revealed.

S et in present day New York City, the multicultural cast includes actors from Argentina, England, France, India, Italy, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Switzerland, Thailand, and The United States.

Pope Bustos

as Foreman

Peace Pitchayut

as Juror #2

Ross James Cain

as Juror #3

Jason Archilla

as Juror #4

Samuele Zanni

as Juror #5

Nawin Smith

as Juror #6

Alok Tiwari

as Juror #7

Vineet Kumar

as Juror #8

Ben Weldon

as Juror #9


as Juror #10

Sumit Gautam

as Juror #11

Phil Blaze

as Juror #12

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